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...a SEO company based in Leeds with an office full of happy Geeky SEO experts.

We're a creative, results-driven team committed to delivering targeted SEO campaigns that resonate with online audiences and create traction with search engines.

Our management team of 3 started out in SEO between 2003 and 2007 and joined force in 2014 to create Geeky SEO. We’re a team of 24 SEO specialists, offering our clients in-house expertise in SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing.

We can get you noticed, help grow online markets, create better conversion rates and bring in higher revenue. We take authoritative action to get you to the top of search results, discover who’s talking about you and find your online community. We deliver on clear KPIs so you know you’re getting the right results.


The best way to start any SEO campaign is to talk with one of the Geeky SEO team members. We are here to help and can usually work with any website. On the rare occasion where we feel that we can’t help, we are always upfront and honest about the matter.

Geeky SEO do not lie to nor mislead customers in any way. We always ensure that we follow all of Googles policies and do what is your best interest and that of your website.

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