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How We Work



SEO is the process of improving your websites presence on the internet. The stronger your websites presence the higher it will rank in Google. The way we work differs slightly from website to website, however below is a small overview of the Geeky SEO process.

  1. We create links on other websites that lead back to your website. This process leads Google to believe that your website is popular and therefore has a stronger presence on the internet.
    You are now asking yourself, “Don’t other SEO companies do this anyway?” The answer is yes they certainly do, however there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Google are not idiots, they know when somebody creates 100's, or even 1000's, of backlinks to their website in order to get their site ranked higher in Google. They call this spam!

    We ensure that every backlink is:

    • On a web page that is relevant to your website. I.e. if your website is for a cleaning service in Manchester, your backlinks will be on web pages about Cleaning, or Manchester.
    • Accompanied by 100% UNIQUE text. Backlinks should never be created on a blog, or forum with the same text used each time. Google will see this as spam!
    • Created using different Anchor Text. 'Anchor text' is the clickable text you'll often see on a website like this text here.
  2. Our Geeky SEO team will create accounts for your website on social media sites and large UK directories, such as Yelp and Scoot. Google likes these types of websites and will regard your backlinks highly, thus they will help your websites ranking in Google.
  3. Sometimes, but not always, we'll need to make a few small and discrete changes to your website. This is called 'onsite SEO'. Onsite SEO involves optimising your websites coding and content to help Google understand what Keywords to rank your website. Again this can damage your website rank in Google, if not done in the right way. Our team of Geeks always ensure that we comply with Googles policies to ensure our work enhances your websites performance. Onsite SEO can be undertaken either by our client following our instructions, or we can provide you will a separate quote if you wish for us to undertake the work for you.

Other SEO related tasks we can undertake for you:

  • Helping your website to recover from a drop in rank
  • Setting up Google Webmaster and Analytics accounts
  • Removing both spam and harmful backlinks
  • Anything else we, or our customers, feel necessary

Get in touch

Thee best way to start any SEO campaign is to talk with the Geeky SEO team. We are here to help and can usually work with any website. On the rare occasion when we feel we can’t we are always upfront and honest about this.

Geeky SEO do not lie to or mislead customers in any way. We always ensure that we follow all of Googles policies and work with what is in the best interest for you and your website.

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